Can Biotin help me with thickening of my hair?

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One supplement that celebrities recommend is Biotin for hair, nails and skin. Role of Vitamin B is vital in human functioning and Biotin is nothing but one of the B complex, that is Vitamin B7, also known as Vitamin H. H in Vitamin H stands for hair and skin which is derived from German word - Haar and Haut. Many studies have shown Biotin to be useful for Skin, Hair and Nails.

What supports the metabolism of amino acid, fatty acid and glucose are Vitamin B7 as it acts as a coenzyme in our body.

What are the common symptoms associated with lack of Biotin?

Most common symptoms are -

⁃ Thinning of hair

⁃ Skin dryness

⁃ Loss of hairs

⁃ Anemia

⁃ Fungal infection

Which food source is best to get Vitamin B7 or Biotin?

Food Rich in Biotin

1. Egg yolk is abundant in Biotin.

2. Meats and Liver - three-ounce liver has approximately 3mcg of Biotin.

3. Salmon is high in Omega 3 and biotin. It can give you approx. 5mcg of biotin.

4. Almonds, Nuts and Legumes are also a good source of Biotin. A handful of nuts have 1.5mcg of Biotin.

5. One Vegetable that is rich in Biotin is Sweet Potato. A half cup may give you 2.4 mcg of Biotin.

6. Mushroom is seen to be high in Biotin

7. Green leafy Vegetable that is high in Biotin is Spinach.

8. Cheese 

What can affect my Biotin levels in the body?

There are many factors because of which you may be Biotin deficient, factors like:

1. Some eating disorder

2. Pregnancy

3. Biotin may reduce due to Ageing

4. Alcohol consumption

5. Smoking

6. Certain Medical Conditions

7. Antibiotic abuse

8. Certain kind of drugs

Is supplementing with Biotin safe?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, so it is unlikely to cause any side effect. Most water-soluble vitamins get extracted from urine in case of overdose. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is highly advisable that you shall ask your doctor before starting Biotin.

Shall I take Biotin Supplement?

Biotin Supplement

If you are dealing with thinning of hair, hair growth and weak nails, you may want to supplement yourself with Biotin. If any of the above symptoms are because of Biotin deficiency, it may help you deal with these symptoms effectively.

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