The 6 most common questions we get about probiotics

During the last ten years, "probiotics" have become an increasingly popular concept in  scientific circles. More and more researchers are starting to realize that these "healthy bugs"  play a significant role in our health today. 

Several studies have shown that probiotics, or microorganisms that do not cause diseases, are  ingested through food or supplements. They can be beneficial to immune functioning and  absorption of nutrients and diarrhoea treatment, both in children and adults. 

Did you know? An average healthy person has between 100-300 trillion probiotic bacteria  and yeast living within them, compared to only 10 trillion cells in the body. 

So, it is imperative to know more about this bacteria and answer some of the most frequently  asked questions about probiotics in general and our probiotic supplement in this article. (1,2,3) 

Probiotics: What are they? 

A probiotic is a living microorganism used in non-pharmacological ways to promote gut  health. Probiotics can be prescribed to treat a wide range of disorders. Probiotic strains that  are beneficial for specific outcome diseases have proven to be most helpful in determining  which probiotics to take. "Probiotics" are friendly bacteria that are beneficial for the body.  Taking probiotics every day is critical for maintaining overall health and attacking harmful  bacteria. Foods fermented, such as yoghurt or kimchi, contain probiotics. Probiotics in serum  are generally measured using CFU (colony-forming units). 

Why should you take a probiotic supplement every day? 

To maximize the benefits of probiotics, it is recommended to combine probiotic supplements  with food sources. It is also recommended to supplement probiotics because the nutrients in  natural sources may not be as beneficial as those in supplements due to their inherent  sensitivity. Hence, a supplement with multiple strains could be helpful as each strain plays a  different role in your body. 


What are the science-backed benefits of probiotics? 

Probiotic bacteria have a lot of scientific evidence to support their health benefits. Several  different species of probiotics have been found to benefit not only digestion, but also skin,  respiratory function, cognitive function, mood, and even immunity. 

Our bodies benefit from probiotics from the moment we're born until we're old. Breast milk is one of the most important sources of nutrients for the bacteria in our gut. Our  gut bacteria are constantly changing as we develop. Lifestyle, diet, and other factors we  encounter in everyday life affect them - age, gender, stress, pollution, the environment, etc. 

Many studies have shown that probiotics can help those who suffer from food allergies,  behavioral disorders, mood changes, autoimmune disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue, skin  disorders, and even cancer. It's for this reason that a probiotic-rich diet is so beneficial. 

  1. Take Care Of Digestive Disorders 
  2. Manage Diarrhoea 
  3. Enhance Gut Health 
  4. Boost the Immune System
  5. Recover More Rapidly From Illness 
  6. Defend Against Colds and Flu 
  7. Fight GI Infections 
  8. Optimize Nutritional Absorption 
  9. Improve Gut Function 
  10. Get Rid of Bloating and Gas 
  11. Combat Antibiotic Resistance 
  12. Promote Mental Health and Reduce Stress 
  13. Support Skin Health 

What is the purpose of the Healthy Hey Formula, including prebiotics? A prebiotic is a nutrient that helps probiotics grow so that they can eat and reproduce. By  providing these nutrients in a steady supply, we are able to create an intestinal environment  conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria. The nutrients in these foods are usually high  in fiber, such as berries, whole grains and legumes. These foods are rich in prebiotics, which  are beneficial to the body. Prebiotic Fibre in HealthyHey Probiotic Formula is designed to aid  in the maintenance of probiotic activity in the intestine. 

How do we store the probiotics capsule? 

This product does not require refrigeration, unlike the leading brand. Nevertheless, always  store them in a cool, dry place away from the sunlight, and never leave them out. 

Who should consume Probiotics? 

People of all ages and lifestyles should use probiotics, and they are suitable for pregnant  women, babies, children, adolescents and elderly individuals. Here are some situations in  which probiotics have become increasingly popular: 

Drinking: Drinking affects the normal intestinal flora and hence necessary to take.

Ageing: Beneficial bacteria decline with age. 

Digestive problems: such as constipation, diarrhoea, or severe infections.

Overuse of antibiotics: Antibiotics sometimes kill harmful bacteria and sometimes good  bacteria. 

Frequent Travelers: Tourists or Salespeople who got poor eating habits and no proper time  for food. 

HealthyHey Probiotics 50 Billion CFU is formulated with clinically studied human probiotic  strains. Its scientifically proven to survive harsh stomach acids and reach your intestinal tract,  where they exert their greatest benefits. Prebiotic Fibre is designed to aid in the maintenance  

of probiotic activity in the intestine. This superior probiotic has been professionally  formulated, handled and tested to ensure maximum stability and full labeled potency. Check  the product details here


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